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PUBG Deffination

A bona fide port for the PC execution. Be that as it may, Why stop there when you can Actually play it for the PC. 100 players are dropped on a huge 8×8 km combat zone. Players battle to survive and allocate with each other through technique and skill. The Land and Start Collecting Weapons. They go from way to Door to gather firearms ammunition and even Sauce Pans. Let’s take a tour of some interesting things about Pubg download pc game compressed.

PUBG Wallpaper

PUBG is released in March 2018 for mobile and a mobile version is free for all users, but PUBG pc is not free it is paid game. yes, you have pay to play this game on your pc device.

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About PUBG

PUBG is the global execution of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS thrilling. But this time, it’s attached to your Google Play account.

In the game, you take an interest in a Battle Royale with in excess of 100 genuine players where just a single will turn out alive. In the event that you need to make it, you’ll need to move around the island gathering the best gear and weapons you can discover delivered around the guide. What’s more, you better be speedy, in light of the fact that the play territory lessens in a evaluate at regular intervals.

Basically, the majority of the elements from the PC adaptation of PUBG are available. The controls have been all around adjusted to contact screen equipment, as have alternate items and intelligent components in the game. You can enter structures, drive vehicles, prepare scopes, apply emergency treatment units, vault over dividers, and so along.

In the settings for the game, you can alter the graphics settings, adjusting them to the abilities of your gadget. You can likewise modify the controls, both when you’re by walking and in the driver’s seat of a vehicle.

PUBG MOBILE is an incredible adjustment of the first PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, and simply like the first you can acknowledge a few diverse game modes: solo, duo, or squads. In the event that you do play with companions, you can even converse with them utilizing your gadget’s amplifier.



In this game there are many weapons like,

  • Snipers :- AWM,M24,KAR-98K
  • Assault rifles :-AKM,M416,SCAR-L,GROZA,AUG,M76
  • Machine guns:- M249, DP-28
  • Shot guns: -S686, S1897, S12K
  • Hand guns:- P92, P1911,R1895,R45,P18C,SAWED-OFF
PUBG guns
Gun collection of PUBG

And we have also FLARE GUN is here to call drop from the plane. and we have scopes here to focus and kill the enemy and sniping.and also many attachments are here as the scopes, magazines, muzzles, grips, and stocks. for meditation, we have bandages, first aid kit, and a med kit. for boost, we have an energy drink, painkiller, and adrenaline is also here.


  • car
  • bike
  • moped
  • pickup truck
  • mini-van
  • buggy
  • jeep
  • rickshaw
  • boat
  • snow mob


There are four mape is here

  • Erangle
  • Miramar
  • Sanhok
  • Vikendi


Erangle Map PUBG PC& Mobile
PUBG Map Erangle

Erangle is the first map of pubg. this is a default map in this game we don’t need to download this map because when we download the game it is default map. this map is the biggest map of a pubg this map’s total size is 8*8 km. in this map land area is 51.47% and water area is 48.53%. the total area is 64 km. there are up to 633 vehicles in this map so you can easily get vehicles. there are up to 24,058 total spawns and 4,689 military weapon spawns in this map so you can get easy loot of weapons.


pubg pc map miramar
Miramar Map PUBG PC

This map isn’t default map so you need download separately from the game. this map was released on May 24 this map is desert type map, this map’s size is 8*8 km. in this map land area is 80.59% and water area is 19.41%. the total area is 64 km. there are 452 vehicles in this map. there are 43,343 total loot spawns and 7,929 military weapon spawns in this map.


Pubg map sanhok
Sanhok map of PUBg pc game

Also, this map does not default so you need to download from the game. is map was released on September 15. this map is a green map it is fully filled with green grass and trees, so you can easily hide in this map. this map’s size is 4*4 km. in this map land area is 49.26% and water area is 50.74%. The total area is 16 km. there are 198 vehicles in this map. there are 13,889 total loot spawns and 4,546 military weapon spawns in this map.


Pubg map Vekendy
Vekendy Map PUBG

This map is the latest map of this game. this ma[p is released on December 19. and this map’s type is winter type, so in this map, you can see snowfall. snowfall is the best feature of this map. this map’s size is 6*6 km. in this map land area is 40.29% and water area is 59.71%. the total area is 36 km. there are 336 vehicles in this map. there are 28,614 total loot spawns and 5,443 military weapon spawns in this map.

All maps are full fill of adventure. The Erangle and Miramar are bigger than other maps. The Vikendi is smaller than Erangle and Miramar but Sanhok is smaller than other maps.vikendi is the latest map of PUBG. there are some famous places in the Mapes in Prangle is Pochinki, school, ruins, George Pol. in a Sanhok the famous place is Bootcamp, ruins, paradise resort. many people are going in these places and complete the missions and claim rewards and increasing the killing rate.

For more excitement for player, it is air drop. airdrop is dropped by airplane by drop, we can get the more powerful weapon and scops and gilly suit.

And also personal air drop is here. personal airdrop called by flair gun, when we fire flair gun in the sky the personal airdrop will be drop. in personal airdrop, we get a bulletproff car gilly suit &bullet proof jacket.

PUBG Minimum System Requirements

compressed pubg pc game latest
compressed pubg pc game

As we know, every pc game has some requirements to run the game properly . as per your need, we have listed out some basic requirements of pubg to gate proper gameplay for the user. so before downloading the game check necessary game requirements.

  • Os :- 64-bit windows 7, windows 8.1, windows 10
  • Processor :- Intel core i3-4340 / AMD FX-6300
  • Memory :- 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics :- Nvidia Geforce GTX 660 2 GB / AMD Radeon hd 7850 2 GB
  • DirectX :- version 11
  • Storage :- 30 GB available space
  • Network :- broad band internet connection

PUBG Recommended System Requirements

  • Os :- 64-bit windows 10
  • Memory :- 8GB RAM
  • Processor :- AMD Ryzen 5-1600 / intel core i5-7600k
  • Graphics :- Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB
  • Storage :- 30 GB available space
  • Network :- broad band internet connection

How To Install PUBG ON PC

  • 1:- Go to our link and download the game
  • 2:- When the game is downloaded you can install
  • 3:- Game is installed you can run this game on your pc
  • 4:- You should be seeing in the results for PUBG
  • 5:- Now click on it and then select any paying method to bay this game
  • 6:- you can pay by debit card, your bank account, and also any other way you can pay and buy this game
  • 7:- Finish the transaction to play this game
  • 8:- Game started automatically once the transaction was completed
  • 9:- You are done now
  • 10:- PUBG for PC is ready to play. Now start playing the game and go to killing and take you to loot and get your chikken dinner

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