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Halo 3 pc version

Halo Deffination

Halo 3 for Pc is a first-person shooting video game of 2007. Also, Halo3 full version is developed by Bungie and published by Microsoft for the Xbox 360. Halo3 Pc version release on 25 September 2007. It is the third installment of the Halo game series. Halo3 story is about the war in the twenty-sixth century. This war is between humans and a group of alien, which is named as Covenant.

General information of Halo3 Pc Game

  • Developer Bungie
  • Publisher Microsoft Games Studios
  • Artist Marcus Lehto
  • writer Joseph Staten
  • Composer Martin O’Donnell & Michel Salvatori
  • Series Halo
  • Platforms Xbox 360 & Xbox One
  • Release on September 25, 2007
  • Genre First-person shooter
  • Mode Single-player & multiplayer

Gameplay Halo 3 for Pc

Halo 3 Pc version has also included various improvements to Halo 2’s multiplayer aspect. Players can now customize the armor permutations for both their Spartan and Elite soldiers. Each of which must be earned by completing goals and achievements throughout the game. Players can now be easily identified by their allies in-game through a custom Service Tag. Halo3 includes a more robust matchmaking system with the TrueSkill ranking system, so it’s a new experience system. With a special ranking system in which players can earn different grades depending on their game Skill, rank and experience points.

Halo 3 game play

Halo 3 for pc now includes a special Theater Mode where players can watch game replays and crop them into smaller film clips or take screenshots. and also Forge Mode a unique in-game map editor where players can alter the placement of any weapon, spawn, item, or structure on any map. While the clan system from Halo 2 was removed, and Halo3 has included a new File Share system. in which players can upload custom game type variants, film clips, screenshots, and also forged map variants into Halo3 game so, that they can be downloaded by other players.

Let’s Know About Halo 3 PC Game’s Features

Let’s know some interesting things about your favorite game Halo 3.


Graphics is an interesting feature of any game player, let’s know about this. Halo 3 Utilizes ownership, in-house graphics engine. Halo 3 uses normal, bump, and parallax mapping to give surfaces more detail without dramatically increasing the number of shapes. halo 3 game’s graphics is highly modified so, Players can see distances of up to ten miles (16 km) away, and it’s are fully three-dimensional so that the player can play easily and joyfully.

Halo 3 Pc game


Let’s know some interesting think about Halo 3 game play’s audio system. Halo 3 game fully supports 5.1 surround audio.in this game, there are over 50,000 sound effects of audio play, with nearly 40,000 of those being dialogue. for PC Halo3 is the first game in the series to feature custom soundtracks, allowing players to replace in-game music with their own choices. This game will give you the same fill as Life Simulations games like Sims 4. This Game has an original soundtrack which was released on November 20, 2007. Moreover, It includes the soundtrack of an original composition submitted by fans and judged by the Nile Rodgers, Michel Austin, and Marty O’Donnell.

Halo Game Download

Halo 3 System Requirements

A computer with the minimum requirements should be able to play Halo3 Game for pc. However, for the best experience, please consider the recommended requirements.

Minimum Requirements

  • CPU:- 2GHz Pentium 4 class processor
  • CPU SPEED:- 2GHz
  • RAM:- 1 GB
  • OS:- Windows Vista
  • Video Card:- DX9 graphics card, WDDM driver, PS 2.0/32BPP, At least Nvidia 6000 or ATI x700 or above
  • Total video RAM:- 128 MB
  • Free disk space:- 7 GB
  • DVD-ROM and equally importent Sound card is also needed

Recommended Requirements

  • CPU:- Dual-core processor
  • CPU SPEED:- 3 GHz
  • RAM:- 1 GB
  • OS:- Windows Vista
  • Video Card:- DX9 graphics card, WDDM diver, PS 3.0/32BPP At latest Nvidia 7800 or ATI x1800 or above
  • Total Video RAM:- 256 GB
  • Free disk space:- 7 GB
  • DVD-ROM furthermore Sound card is also needed

Alternetive to Halo 3 PC version]

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